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Advanced Nylons was founded in 2003. We manufacture PA6 nylon through anionic polymerisation. We produce rods, tubes, sheets and custom castings in cast nylons for many engineering applications. Most of what we make gets machined into industrial products. We do not supply machined components as we see that as competing with our clients. We can confidently advise you on whether or not our products would be suitable for your requirements.

Our capabilities include calculations and experience in the application of our products in the fields of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering disciplines.

We can also advise you on alternative engineering plastics if our nylons are not suitable for your application.


Advanced Nylons will evolve as a well-respected Manufacturer of Cast Nylon Stock Shapes, Custom Cast Components for the South African Market and cast nylon additives for the Cast Nylon industry.


To manufacture cast nylons and cast nylon additives, using the latest, most efficient technology in our production facilities. To infuse enthusiasm, knowledge and foresight into our employees and customers. To embrace and promote the responsibility that learning never ends.


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